Department of licensing, accreditation, retraining and advanced training

Head of the division
Volodymyr Mykolayovytch Harnets’

Department of licensing, accreditation, retraining and advanced training was established on the basis of the division of training, retraining and advanced training of the Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture in 2010.

Activity areas:

  • preparing and conducting the licensing and accreditation expertise in the relevant disciplines and professions;
  • retraining and advanced training of specialists of architecture and construction industry knowledge, namely:
  1. Technical supervision of construction and safe operation of buildings and engineering structures.
  2. Design and constructing of buildings and structures, bases and foundations on the territories with complex engineering-geological conditions and in seismically active areas.
  3. Project case. Calculations and design of buildings and structures.
  4. Calculation and design of foundations and basements of high-rise buildings in terms of reconstruction of the city.
  5. Calculation and design of structures in construction.
  6. Ultrasonic testing method of concrete structures.
  7. Examination and survey in construction.
  8. Metal structures.
  9. Personal computer for a civil engineer.
  10. Cost estimate in construction.
  11. Office IT.
  12. Computer technologies in architecture and design.
  13. Functional duties and rights of the prime contractor in construction.
  14. Functional duties and rights of project designer in construction.
  15. Urban planning and urban land improvement, and development in human settlements and the current licensing system. Development and coordination of design estimate documentation.
  16. Geodetic work in the allotted land and their building.
  17. The architecture of the buildings and structures.
  18. Architectural and civil engineering design.
  19. Regulation and standardization in construction.
  20. Engineering activities in the construction sector in terms of coordination of actions of all participants of construction.

According to the law of Ukraine upon the completion of the course a qualification upgrade certificate of state standard is issued (License of the Ministry of education and science, youth and sports of Ukraine No 508433 from 17/05/2011). The cost of this training service makes 2-3.6 thousand UAH in accordance with the selected area of specialization.

Head of the Department:
Volodymyr Mykolayovych Harnetsʹ

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