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The Planning of the International Events of the University for 2013-2014


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International Week in Kiev

“The Organization of Northatlantic Convention after the Chicago Summit 2012”

Chernyahovskiy National University of Defence of Ukraine, NATO Deffence College (Rome), the NATO school (Oberammergau) Pereguda E.V.

Slobodyan O.T.

Gubai M.V.


May 20-24, 2013.

Chernyahovskiy National University of Defence of Ukraine


Participation in the International Scientific Conference “The encrease of energu efficiency of vertical single-tube heating systems in new constructions and reconstructions. Theory, experiments, practice.” HVAC Mileykovskiy V.A.


May 23, 2013.

Governments of Moscow, Russian Federation


Participation in the International Conference “Research, restoration, preventive conservation of museum pieces. The current state. The prospects of developement” The national research restoration center of Ukraine Dovgaluk V.B.


May 23-27, 2013.



13 international Scientific Conference VSU 2013 dedicated to the 75 Anniversary of VSU


Civil engineering higher school (VSU) Professor krivenko P.V.


Sofia, Bulgaria

July 6-7, 2013


Participation in the International Scientific Conference “Lvov-Koshische-Zheshuv” Lvov Politechnical University Dovgaluk V.B.


September 03-05, 2013.



The Intership of students of Belostock technical university (the Republic of Poland) in accordance with the contract between the universities since 11.04.2012 (5 students with the guide) Sanitary Engineering Department, CNUCA Professor Voloshkina O.S., Kravchuk A.M.

Docent Zoria O.V., Ternovtsev O.V.


16.09-23.10. 2013,



Education in sphere of geodesy,cadastre and land management: trends of globalization and convergence The International federation of  geodesists (surveyors) Professor Shults R.V.


September 26-28, 2013.

Moscow, Russian Federation


International Waste Management Symposium International association of wastage, Padua University Professor Kochetov G.M. (CTD) 30.09-04.10.2013.

Cagliari, Italy


IX International Scientific Practical Conference “Management of  Projects: the status and the prospects” Nicolaev, NUS Beloshchitskiy A.O.


September 2013


1 International Conference on the Chemistry of Construction Material TechnischeUnivesitat Berlin Department of Civil engineering Building Materials and Construction Chemistry Professor Krivenko P.V.


October 07-09, 2013.

Berlin, Germany


XIX Conference Ersi in Russia and Countries of CIS CIS, “DATA+” Kravchenko U.V. October 14-18, 2013.

Moscow, RF


International Scientific Conference “Integration, Partnership and Innovations in Building Science and Education”


National Research Moscow State University of Constructions Professors:

Krivenko P.V.,

Zaharchenko P.V

October 16-18 2013,

MSUC, Moscow, Russia


International Water Week International Water Association Professor Kochetov G.M. (CTD) November 04-08,2013.

Amsterdam, Netherlands


35 konferenceSanace a reconstrukce Praze Professor Krivenko P.V.


November 14-15, 2014.

Prague, Czech Republic


The events as a part of ongoing International Project VISBY Royal Technology University Professor Petrakovskaya O.S.


March 23-30, 2014.

Stockgolm, Sweden


International Conference  “The application of modern transport models in planning of the transport infrastructure” Department of Transportation (Russian Federation) Professor osetrin N.N.


April 13-18, 2014.


Russian Federation


Seminar as a part of ongoing project VISBY Gideminas Technical University Docent Lisunova A.P. April 23-26, 2014.

Vilnius, Lithuania


International Scientific  Practical Conference “Problems in development of Transport logistics “Inter-TRANSLOG” Department of Transportation Professor Reitsen E.A.


April 25-28, 2014.

Warsaw, Poland


Participation in the International Exhibition of air heating, venting, conditioning; water supply, plumbing pools “Aqua Term 2014”

Participation in conference as a pert of the ongoing Exhibition

ITE Premier Expo Korbut V.P.

Lubarets O.P


May 13-16, 2013.

International Exhibition Center, Kiev.


XI Scientific practical conference “The Development of Society Projects  Management” CNUCA Beloshchitskiy A.O.


May 2014


III International scientific conference “Information, Communication, Society”


Lvov National Polytechnic University Beloshchitskiy A.O.


May 2014


Second International Conference on Advances in Chemically – Activated Materials (CAM*2014 – China) Hunan University, Nanjing University of  Technology,

Central South University

Professor Krivenko P.V.


June 01-03, 2014.

Changsha, PRC


13* International Ceramics Congress ConsiglioNazionaledelleRicerche, Italian National Agency for New Technologies Energy and the Enviroment, World Academy of Ceramics Professor Krivenko P.V.


June 8-20, 2014.

MontecatiniTerme, Italy


International Conference Non-Traditional cement and Concrete Brno University of Technology Professor Krivenko P.V.


June 16-19, 2014.

Brno, Czech Republic


9 International Masonry Conference Universidade do Minho Escola de Engenharia, International Masonry Society Professor Krivenko P.V.


June 07-09, 2014.

Guimaraes, Portugal


International Conference “moNGeometrija 2014, 2016” Serpskoudruzenjezageometriju I grafiku Mileykovskiy V.O.


June 2014, Niches, the Republic of Serbia.


June 2016, Belgrade, the Republic of Serbia.


Cooperation with the Universities:

Spittal(Austria), Weimar (Germany), Rome, Keltsn (Poland), Florence, Biance Foundation, St.Petersburg Technological University

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Programme “TEMPUS”   Architectual Faculty  


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