Contacts with university graduates

Dear Alumni Friends! 

The one of the oldest and the most famous universities in Ukraine – Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture, united us and we became friends. Many of you remember it as the Kiev Institute of Civil Engineering, or just KICE.

It is our University, whose history dates back more than 80 years ago, prepared more than 6,000 highly skilled engineers and architects, surveyors and designers for 82 countries of the world. It is our pleasure and proud that you are implementing the knowledge and skills that gave the University, in your home countries.

Today we are divided by the oceans and thousands of miles, but thanks to the University, the relationship between us is not interrupted.

We heartily invite you for close relation and cooperation. We will be glad to receive the information and photographs depicting your personal and professional life in your countries. Let’s work together to find common grounds of mutually beneficial and fruitful cooperation with the University, to share views, ideas, experiences and to meet up with old friends.

We are always happy to meet you in Kiev, and our University will be happy to enroll your friends, relatives and acquaintances.

Kind Regards,
Rector of the University,
Professor                                                                           Petro M. Kulikov