Judicial expert advisory centre “Budivelnyk” (“Constructor”)

Judicial expert advisory centre “Budivelnyk” (“Constructor”)at the Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture (KNUCA) is a unit for training experts in judicial exploration.

Expert appraisal in:

  • Construction and engineering.
  • Computer software.

Mykola Grygorovytch Yarmolenko, Director of the Centre
Tel: 0442291048;

Mobile: 0679491647

We offer you the service of training experts for conducting forensic investigation and forensic examination on the basis of the University up-to-date laboratory facilities.

Building experts are registered as court experts with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and have the appropriate certificates.

The experts of the Centre may participate in construction works supervision as well as inspection at different building phases.

Construction and engineering expert appraisal

The objectives of the construction and engineering expert appraisal are:

  • Structural and facility inspection on the base of the University laboratory.
  • Compliance assessment of the design and estimate documentation with the requirements of the current regulatory framework in the construction industry.
  • Cost estimation of the construction process, including repair and reconstruction of buildings and structures. Counseling of construction companies and organizations in line with the current methods of forensic research.

Contact information:
Judicial expert advisory centre “Budivelnyk” (“Constructor”)
4, Osvity str., office 418, Kyiv
Tel/Fax: 044 2291048

  1. Urban planning and urban land improvement, land development in human settlements and the current permit system. Development and coordination of the design and estimate documentation.
  2. Geodetic work for siting and the plot development.
  3. Architecture of buildings and structures.
  4. Architectural and civil engineering designing.
  5. Production estimate and standardization in construction.
  6. Engineering activities in the construction field as regards coordination of activities of all actors in construction.

According to the law of Ukraine upon the completion of the course a qualification upgrade certificate of state standard is issued (License of the Ministry of education and science youth and sports of Ukraine No 508433 of 17/05/2011). The cost of this training service makes 2-3.6 thousand UAH in accordance with the selected area of specialization.

Phones for contacting:
VolodymyrHarnets, Head of the division
+38044 2454221/2452111/2432616