The University is  managed by the rector. The main tasks of the KNUCA’s activities are approved at the rectorates.


Kulikov Petro Musiiovych

Doctor of  Economic Sciences, professor, Merited Worker of Education of Ukraine, State Prize Laureate in Science and Technology (2008), and Education (2013).


First vice-rector

Chernyshev Denys Olehovych

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, Merited Worker of Education of Ukraine


Vice-rector on scientific work

Ploskyi Vitalii Oleksiiovych

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Merited Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine


Vice-rector on educational and methodical work

Tonkacheiev Hennadii Mykolaiovych

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor


Vice-rector on scientific and pedagogical work and international relations

Tkachenko Volodymyr Volodymyrovych

Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor


Vice-Rector for Educational Work and Regional Development

Akselrod Roman Borysovych

Candidate of Political Science, Merited Worker of the Services of Ukraine Honored worker in the sphere of services of Ukraine


Vice-Rector for Educational Work and Integrated Development

Khomenko Oleksandr Mykhailovych


There are:

  • Academic Council of the University headed by the rector;
  • Scientific and technical council headed by the vice-rector for scientific work;
  • Scientific and methodical council, headed by the vice-rector for teaching and methodical work;
  • The Science councils of the faculties are headed by the faculty deans;
  • The Youth Scientific Council


Vice-rector of Educational and Organizational work

Burdeina Nataliia

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