Mission of the department  is to prepare highly qualified personnel who know the secrets of construction of modern buildings  and structures and are able to apply their knowledge in the professional activity.

The educational process at the Construction Department is provided by more than 200 academics. Among them there are near 50 professors and 120 assistant professors (docents)

Almost 2 thousand students study at the department (one third – on distance learning, over 50 postgraduate students (in nine specialties) and doctoral students).

There is a program of double diploma of the Master’s degree at Construction Department in KNUCA together with the Department of Construction and Architecture of Lublin Polytechnic University and with the Department of Building Engineering of Krakow Polytechnic University (Poland).

All the graduates are employed by construction companies, design and scientific institutions of Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine.

Our students obtain the education and qualification levels of the bachelor’s and master’s degrees in four specialties:

  • Construction and Civil Engineering (specialization “Civil and Industrial Engineering”). Specialization of the professional: design of industrial and civil buildings; organization and management of building production; research in the field of theory and methods of calculation of engineering structures using automated design systems; engineering training, complex reconstruction of buildings and structures.
  • Management (specialization “Management of organizations and administration”). Specialization of the professional: design and improvement of economic management methods; analysis, estimation and forecast of efficiency of the production and commercial activities; planning of production, economic and financial activities; management of marketing activity of building organizations; applied economic research in construction.
  • Accounting and taxation (specialization “Accounting and audit”). Specialization of the professional: preparation of financial statements, accounting of cash and payment transactions, fixed assets, inventories, intangible assets and financial investments, costs for the production of finished products and their implementation, including in the construction industry; introduction of progressive forms and methods of accounting, tax calculation, planning of audits and audit programs drafting.
  • Economics(specialization “Business Economics”). Specialization of the professional: preparation for the planned and economic, organizational, managerial, analytical and research activities in the field of business economics.

8 scientific and research laboratories have been created for conducting academic and scientific research at the chairs of the department.

The Construction Department has its history since the founding of the Kyiv Construction Institute. Since 1930, this unit has functioned as a chair, and since September 1934 – as an engineering and construction department. Firstly it prepared the professionals in two specialties: “Building constructions” and “Organization and production of construction works”. In 1939 they were united into one – “Industrial and Civil Construction”, In November 1955 the Construction and Technological Department was separated from our department, and in 2017 – the Department of Urban Studies and Spatial Planning.

The department includes 13 chairs:

  • Economic theory, Accounting and taxation;
  • Building mechanics;
  • Material resistance;
  • Reinforced and stone constructions;
  • Geotechnics;
  • Technology of building production;
  • Organization and management of construction;
  • Construction economics;
  • Steel and wooden constructions;
  • Theoretical mechanics;
  • Ukrainian Studies;
  • The basics of informatics;
  • Construction management.