Mission of the Department is to provide our students with modern and up-to-date professional competencies that will be useful in modern competitive environment; to promote the holistic development of students, support the desire to study and constant development in chosen specialty.

The partners of Automation and information technology department (AITD) are from different spheres of activity: the Ukrainian association of Project Management, the Association of Industrial Automation Companies of Ukraine, the Association of Ukrainian Defense Manufacturers and other organizations and enterprises.

The preparation of our students is carried out in accordance to the following programs: Management of information technology development projects; Management of the Start-Up Project; Management of the Development Projects ; Management of the Projects on Business Development.

The department participates in international educational projects and actively develops international cooperation, academic mobility, etc.

According to the chosen specialty, students (bachelors and masters) obtain the following competencies:

– Software engineering – site programming, complex network systems, application software; “Everything that is interesting to program – will be programmed!”

– Computer Sciences – Development, testing and support of complex information systems and algorithms. “It’s the dream that can come true!”

Computer Engineering “– performance tuning in computer systems and network technologies, Software and databases maintenance.”Today the whole world is a network, so there is enough work for everyone!”

Cybersecurity – is data and computer systems protection from the third-party penetration; “These specialists are in high demand among the employers in all fields!”

– Information systems and technologies – the creation of systems of the automated designing and software complexes; “This is an integral part of the work of any industry!”

– Applied Mechanics – is the development of logistic systems; “We are everywhere where there is a need to move raw materials or goods.”

– Industrial engineering – “Any plant or construction site will work!”

– Electrical Power Engineering, Electrical Technology and Electromechanics – are development and use of electrical equipment; “Electricity has a rapid development, join us!”

– Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies – is a creation of automated systems for production; “Everything that modern world needs!” {Ut3}

– Professional Studies. Computer technologies – teaching profession, the work on the distance course projects and on the full-time computer technology training.

– Professional Studies. Mechanical engineering – the instructors on mechanics for different educational and technical institutions

– Management. Project Management (only Master’s degree)

– Computer Sciences. Project Management (only Master’s degree)



The department was founded in 1964. It combines the experience of scientific and pedagogical work with the emergent specialties, which are a solid foundation for the well-being of our graduates.


There are nine chairs:

  • Information Technologies
  • Information Technology Design and Applied Mathematics
  • Cybersecurity and Computer Engineering
  • Construction Equipment
  • Machinery and Equipment of Technological Processes
  • Electrical Engineering and Electric Drive
  • Automation of Technological Processes
  • Fundamentals of Professional Education
  • Project Management