Mission of the department is the preparation of highly qualified professionals with innovative knowledge in the spheres of building materials, erection and sale of buildings, merchandizing in construction, who are able to creatively use their knowledge and improve professional experience.

There are 18 professors, 33 associate professors (docents) at the department; they carry out the training of students. Our graduates are invited to the educational process, they have become the well-known specialists at the successful enterprises, firms and corporations.

The department prepares specialists in following specialties:

Construction and civil engineering (specialization – Technology of building structures, products and materials): technology and operational properties of building materials, products and structures; design of technological lines of production of building materials, products and structures.

Entrepreneurship, Trade and Exchanges Activities, specializations:

  • Commodity Science and Business Activities: the formation of assortment and quality control of BMPS on the basis of market research and market conditions.
  • Commodity Science and Commercial Logistics;
  • Commodity Science and Organization of Foreign Trade;
  • Customs business;
  • Wholesale and retail trade.

Chemical technology and engineering, specializations:

  • Computer simulation in composite materials technology;
  • Nanotechnologies of finishing and protective materials;
  • Advanced technologies and design of modern finishing materials.

The graduates of the department are fully employed. Among the graduates of the faculty there are CEO of the corporation “DBK-Zhytlobud”, the president of the Construction Chamber of Ukraine, Hero of Ukraine Shylyuk P.S., the President of the “Industrial and Construction Group”Association “Kovalska” Pylypenko O.S., the President of the company “Kyivmisbud”(1999-2006), Hero of Ukraine V.A. Polyachenko, the Head of the Kyiv City State Administration (1996-2006), Hero of Ukraine Omelchenko O.O., CEO of Brovarsky Plant of Reinforced Concrete Structures Dudar M.I., Director of “Ukrainian Scientific and Research Institute “Proektrestavratsia” Tymkovych V.Y. and many others.

The best students received a grant from the President of Ukraine for the gifted youth and became the scholars of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the owners of scholarships from employers, won International Competition on the latest technologies development. They hold the prize-winning places in all-Ukrainian competitions and contests, took part in scientific conferences, charity events, sports and dance competitions.

The scientists of the Department have the opportunity to take internships and participate in trainings under the European Community Grants within the framework of COST TU 1404 in the UK and in the Netherlands, within the framework of COST TU 1301 in Spain, with the study on the immobilizing ability of alkaline cements within the framework of the COST TU 1301 in Israel, COST TU 1301 in Belgium, Greece, Poland.

The Construction and Technology Department has been functioning since 1956. During its existence, the Department has trained more than 6200 specialists in the specialty “Technology of Building Structures, Products and Materials” and more than 500 ones – in the field of “Commodity Science and Commercial Activity”, and about 300 candidates of Technical Sciences and 16 doctors of Technical Sciences.

There are four chairs:

  • Technologiy of Building Constructions and Products;
  • Building Materials;
  • Commodity Science and Commercial Activity in Construction;
  • Chemistry;