Mission of the department is to raise the quality of professional training to the European one.

The most recent department of the University which continues the long-standing traditions of training specialists in the field of urban development and management of urban development, that has been implemented by the university since 1948. The priority directions of our work is the provision of interdisciplinary approach to the planning of modern settlements and urban communities, management of spatial development of settlements, improvement of municipal systems, legal regulation of construction and urban development activities.

In the framework of international cooperation and academic mobility of students and tutors, the department cooperates with the European universities, conducts international scientific and educational events with the participation of foreign and national specialists, students and tutors from all parts Ukraine.

Students obtain the education and qualification levels of bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the following specialties:

  • Construction and civil engineering(specializations: “Urban construction

and economy”, “Roads and airfields”):

the specialists in planning, construction and reconstruction of urban areas, street network and transport facilities, landscape of the city, assessment of the ecological state of the urban environment;

  • Law( specialization: “Construction and City Planning Law”

the specialists in the analysis of impact of regulatory acts in construction complex and urban planning, legal support of contractual and legal relations;

The scientists of our department, on the example of energy efficiency policy, work on the project “Model of National Consolidation of Ukraine”.

There is a laboratory for research on regional development and socio-political problems of construction at the department; professional scientific and technical collection “Urban Planning and Territorial Planning” is issued, where the scientists from all parts of Ukraine publish their research works.

The department includes 3 chairs:

  • Urban Construction;
  • City economy;
  • Political Sciences.