The Chair of Machinery and Equipment for Technological Processes

The chair offers the educational programs for training of Bachelors, Specialists and Masters majored in‘Lifting and transport, construction, road and reclamation machinery and equipment”

The head of the chair is Doctor of Science, Professor, Honored Scientist, Laureate of The State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology, Academician of Ukrainian Academy of Construction and Architecture Ivan I. Nazarenco

The chair provides the following educational courses:
–       Interchangeability, standardization and technical measurements
–       Autocrat equipment
–       Machinesformanufacturingofconstructionmaterialsandproducts
–       Manual machines
–       Construction engineering service
–       Machine-building technology
–       Organization of manufacture
–       Machinesoperationandmaintenance
–       Management and marketing
–       Workingprocessesinconstruction industry
–       Systemsofconcreteandreinforcedconcretetechnologies
–       Synthesisofmachineryandconstructionequipment
–       Scientificresearchesmethodologyandtechnique
–       Systemanalysisoftechnicalstructures
–       Metrologyandstandardization basics and quality control
–       Trade equipment
–       Metrologyandstandardization

Mechanical equipment for construction industry

Scientificinvestigations are carried out in the following directions:
–       Developing of scientific principles of new highly effective machines creating and processes for construction industry and optimization of construction machinery traffic
–       Developing  of the progressive techniques for construction equipment  diagnostics, repair,  maintenance and their utility in construction

Phone number:   +38 044 241 55 48