Construction economics chair

The Construction Economics chair provides training of Bachelors and Specialists at all University Departments.  It trains Specialists and Masters in the specialities: “Civil and Industrial Engineering” and “Management of Organizations”.

The head of the chair is Professor A.F. Hoiko, PhD(Economics).

Scientific research is carried out in the following areas:

  • IT based economics, organization, management of design and  cost estimates in construction;
  • optimization of investment  costs in construction;
  • methodology and techniques of economic analysis and financial expert appraisal of investment projects;
  • development of advanced models of technical and economic analysis of economic activities of  contracted organizations and enterprises in construction industry
  • IT-based adaptation of management accounting in construction industry to the market conditions in Ukraine;
  • methods and models of economic diagnostics and estimation of economic activities in strategic management of contracted organizations.

Construction economics
Technical and Economic Analysis
Economics of a construction enterprise
Mathematical economicmethods and models in construction
Pricing in construction

The Chair performs scientific, research and methodological activities.
The academic and backup staff of the Chair makestwenty seven persons.             

Contact information:
Head of the chair- prof. Anatolyi Frantsevytch Hoiko
Tel.+38 044 2454216