Structural Mechanics Chair

The head of the chair is Professor Victor Andriyovych Bazhenov, D.Sc.,Academician ofNational Academy of Pedagogical Scienceof Ukraine.

The Structural Mechanics Chair was founded in 1930.The teaching staffof the chair consists of15 regular lecturers, among themfiveprofessors.

The Chair provides for Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmesfor all University departments. It trains Masters in the speciality of “Civil and industrial engineering”, offers Postgraduate and Doctoral training programmes.

Curriculum disciplines:

  • Structural machanics
  • Basics of the theory of building structures
  • Theory of building structures
  • Systems of  automated design in construction
  • Method of finiteelements
  • Basics of the theory of  engineering calculations
  • Engineering mechanics
  • Computer science
  • Information technologies
  • Variability principles and methods of  structural mechanics
  • Probabilistic approach to structuralcalculations.

The academic staff of the chair implement scientific, research and methodological activities.

Contact information:
The head of the chair:Victor Andriyovych Bazhenov
Tel.:+38 044 241-5412, +38 044-241-5549.