Chair of Hydraulics and Water Disposal

Chair of “Hydraulics and Water Disposal” provides training of bachelors and masters of the field of specialization  “Water supply and water disposal”. Head of the Chair –Professor A.M. Kravchuk, D.Sc., academician of higher education of Ukraine.

Educational Subjects of the Chair: 

1. Engineering networks and equipment  for water supply and water disposal.
2. Liquid and gasengineeringmechanics.
3. Water supply and water disposal.

Special issues of heat and gas supply and ventilation hydraulics
– Environmental monitoring and biosphere protectionengineering technique
– Hydraulicsand aerodynamics
– Hydrobiology
– Hydraulics, hydraulic machinery, and hydraulic and pneumatic control systems
– Fluid dynamics

Special courses for the field of specialization “Water Supply and Water Disposal”:

  1. Engineering hydraulics
  2. Special issues of hydraulics
  3. Water disposal
  4. Water resources protection. Water management ecology
  5. Municipal facilities
  6. Metrology and standardization
  7. Computer-aided design systems and methods
  8. Water supply and water disposal system installation
  9. Organization of project works
  10. Intensification and reconstruction  of water supply and water disposal facilities
  1.  Industrial wastewater  treatment
  2.  Water disposal features in different industries
  3. Engineering setup and technical supervision of wastewater treatment facilities
  4. Scientific and engineering research basic s
  5.  Mathematical problem-solving techniques
  6. Municipal wastewater treatment.

The academic staff  of the chair  participated in international scientific conferences, such as: HDTUBA (Kharkiv), Aquatherm (Kyiv), the International Conference on  “Problems of decision making under uncertainties” (Shidnycia, Ukraine), International research and practicel conference “Water, Ecology , Society “(Kharkiv), International Technical Conference (Sevastopol),” Aqua-Ukraine “(Kyiv), International research and practice conference” Sewage Treatment Plant Modernization “(Moscow, Russia), International Conference”Actual Problems of Natural Resources and Water Management “(Rivne, Ukraine),Pipeline transport. The 7 th International Conference (Ufa,Russia).

Over the past three years, the chair has published more than 53 articles in professional journals.

The research is carried out in the fields of:
1. Investigation of hydraulics of water supply and water disposal facilities.
2. Development of mathematical models and calculation methods for biological wastewater treatment plants.
3.Study of the ecological state of water bodies.

Contact information

Head of the Chair: Professor A.M.Kravchuk, D.Sc.
Tel: +38 (044) 276-50-87(room 283)