Architectural faculty

The dean of the faculty
Kashchenko Olexander Volodymyrovych

Architectural faculty was founded in 1930. It trains bachelors, specialists and masters of architecture; bachelors, specialists and masters of arts.

The faculty comprises ten chairs:

– Urban Planning
– Architecture and Architectural Design Basics
– Architectural Design of Civil Buildings and Structures
– Architectural Qualimetry
– Design of Architectural Space
– Drawing and Painting
– Architectural Structures
– Descriptive Geometry, Engineering and Computer Graphics
– Philosophy
– Information Technologies in Architecture
– Landscape Architecture

Contact telephones:

The dean of the faculty: Kashchenko Olexander Volodymyrovych +38044-245-48-41
Vice deans: Korol Volodymyr Petrovych +38044-245-48-41
Bachynska Liudmyla Georgiivna +38044-245-48-41