Construction Technology Department

Dean of the Department
Volodymyr Ivanovytch Gots

The Department was set up in 1956.

Today the educational activities at the Department are focused on training a new generation of professionals who upon graduation are ableto think creativelyandwork independently.  Nowadays the University has introduced a multistep system of training students providing access to baccalaureate and MA course.

The Department provides training under Baccalaureate programme in the fields of: Construction; and Merchandizing Techniqueand Commercial Business. Also MA course and programme for the so called Specialists are available in disciplines: Technology of Building Structures and Products; and Merchandizing Techniqueand Commercial Business.

Telephones for contacting

Dean of the Department Volodymyr Ivanovytch Gots  +380442483016
Deputy Deans Valeryi Yukhymovytch Apanasenko  +38044 2483016
Oleksyi Oleksyiovytch Bondar  +38044 2483016
Vitalyi Volodymyrovytch Pavlyuk  +38044 2483016

Other contact information
Street address:31, Povitroflotskyi prospect, Kyiv 03680

There are four chairs functioning under the auspices of the Department:

Thereare presentlytwoareas of training for students:

6.060101 «Construction» 

Speciality: «Technology of Building Structures, Products and Materials» (ТBKVM) 

Skill profile: technology and organization of production of binder-based building structures and materials using local raw products as well as production residual; designing production processes; survey of building materials, products, structures and technological processes of their production.

6.030510 – «MerchandizingTechnique and Commercial Business»

Speciality: «MerchandizingTechnique and Commercial Activities» (ТКD) 

Skill profile:developing optimal assortment and quality control of building materials, buildings and structures based on the market and business trends survey: modelling of market situations; analysis and evaluation of the optimal structure of assortment; product certification and quality appraisal; design of new products; commercial activitiesas regardscorrelation assessment ofproperties and prices of consumer building goods;organization of trading activities in the construction industry and real estate services includingidentification of remaining value of building materials.

Cost of training under the Contract:
intramural course: 12000 UAH per year
extramural course: 7200 UAH per year.

Non-resident students are provided with accommodation in the campus dormitories