The Chair of Information Technologies

The chair of Information Technologies provides the training of Bachelors, Specialists and Masters in thesphere of Computer Sciences for the following specialisms: “Information Control Systems and Technologies”, “IT Design”; and the training of Bachelors and Specialists in the sphere of Pedagogical Education for the “Professional Education and Computer Technologies” specialism

The chair is headed by Doctor of Science, Professor, Laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technologies Yuri M. Tesliar

The academic staff consists of 4 Professors, 13 Assistant Professors, 22 Lecturers and 5 Assistants

The chair offers education in more than 50 courses among them “Algorithmic and Software”, “Operation Systems”, “Mathematical Techniques of Operation Researches” “Object-oriented Software Engineering”, “Database Organization” “Intelligent Analysis of Data”, “Web Technologies and Web Design”, “ Cross-platform Software Engineering”, “Technology of Software Products Creation”, “System Analysis”, “Standardization and Certification  in Information Systems of Construction Management”, “Decision Making Theory”, “Technologies of Distribution Systems and Parallel Computations”, “Investment Project Management Systems”, “IT-projects Management”, “ Methods and Systems of Artificial Intellect”, “Computer Circuitry and Hardware Architecture”, “Computer Networks”, “computer Technologies in Education” etc.

The staff has published 4 monographs, 22 manuals, 150 lecture synopsis etc.
Phone number:         +38 044 245 48 32