The Chair of Building Machinery

The chair provides the basic and full higher education. It trains Bachelors in “Engineering Mechanics”. Training programs for Specialists and Masters are carried out in the direction of “‘Lifting and transport, construction, road and reclamation machinery and equipment”.
The chair is headed by Laureate of the State Prize in Science and Engineering, HonouredEducator, ProfessorL. E. Pelevin

The chair provides 46 educational courses for students of the following faculties:

–       Automation and Information Technologies
–       Construction Department
–       Geo-Information Systems for Territory Management
–       Sanitary Engineering Department
–       Construction Technology Department

Research is carried out in the following areas:
–       Fundamentals of the theory of building machinery andresiliently deformed elements interaction
–       Theoretical basis of the processes of construction materials and structures of abrasive tools handling
–       Increasing the reliability and durability of drive dynamic performance of construction equipment
–       Investigating the process of slots placing  in the soil mass for impervious  screens
–       Intensification of operating process for road and construction machinery
–       Structural synthesis of hydro and pneumatic drivers for construction machinery
–       Development of systems for computer design of construction machinery drives
–       Investigations of energy data for mechanisms in lifting machines and computer modeling basics

The staff has published 8monographs, 2 textbooks, 1 information guide, 37 manuals, 274 scientific articles and has got 122 patents.

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The head of the chair
ProfessorL. E. Pelevin