The chair of Automation of Technological Production Process

The chair provides the basic and full higher education. It trains Bachelors in automation and computer integrated technologies. Training programs for Specialists and Masters are carried out in the direction of “Automatic control of technological production process”.

The chair offers its curricula for students who specialize in Heat and Gas Supply and Ventilation, Water Supply, Technology of Building Structures and Products

The head of the chair is Professor V. M.Skidanov

The chair provides 2 courses for training in mathematics and nature -science and 28 courses for professional training

Scientific investigations are carried out in the following directions:
-Technical improvement of electrical semiconducting converters that are used in different technological processes
-Meeting the challenges of control algorithms analysis and synthesis
–   Investigating and developing of microprocessors for automatic control of technological facilities and autonomous vehicles
– Investigating and developing of automatic systems of acoustic and vibration diagnostics

The staff has published 1textbook,253 scientific articles and has got 28 patents.

Phone number:                +38 044 244 96 52