The Chair of Engineering and Electric Drive

The chair is provided the basic and full higher education. It trains Bachelors in automation and computer integrated technologies.Training programs for Specialists and Masters are carried out in the direction of “Automatic control of technological production process”.

The head of the chair: L. I. Mazurenko, Doctor of Science (Engineering), Professor

The chair provides the following educational courses in engineering:
–       Electrical engineering in construction
–       Engineering support of buildings and structures
–       Electrical engineering, electronics and microprocessor technology
–       Electrical engineering and electronics basics
–       Electrical engineering and electrical mechanics
–       Electrical equipment, actuating mechanisms and regulating units
–       Automated hydro-pneumatic  and electric drivers
–       Automated and electromechanical assemblies
–       Professional training
–       Construction of buildings and structures
–       Electrical technologies
–       Material science and electrical materials
–       Automated systems of diagnostic and control
–       Electric power supply in industrial and communal households

Our staff has published 4 textbooks, 3 manuals, 1 synopsis of lectures, 24 guidelines

Scientific investigations are carried out in the following directions:
–       Machine and valve generating systems and control systems for power engineering;
–       Simulation of technical facilities for technological process   of automated control systems in power complexes
–       Improvement and development of technological process of automated control systems for CFA piles;
–       Investigation of non-destructive control techniques for technical diagnostics of buildings constructions, aggregates and structures;
–       Systems of control and diagnostics in wind power.
–       Investigation of linear induction and synchronous motors for building machinery and electrical engineering systems.

The staff members published 5 monographs, 200 scientific articles and received 46 patents.


The head of the chair room:                 (044) 454-24-91; (044) 456-04-64
Staff room:                                            (044) 241-55-65
Laboratory:                                           (044) 241-55-92