The Chair of Fundamentals of Professional Training

The chair offers educational courses for Bachelor and Specialist degrees in “Professional Training” and “Machine Building” and for Master degree in “‘Lifting and transport, construction, road and reclamation machinery and equipment”. It provides psychological and pedagogical training for students who major in Professional Training and Computer Technologies.

The head of the chair is Honored Educator, Laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technologies, Professor V. M. Smirnov

Educational courses:

The chair provides 16 courses for training in Psychology and Education Studies and 16 courses for training in Engineering

Academic staff has published 15 monographs, 6 textbooks, 50 manuals, 7 information guides, 5 lecture synopses, 630 scientific articles and has got 189 patents

Scientific investigations are carried out in the following directions:
–       Scientific Fundamentals of Highly Effective Working Parts Forming for Construction Machinery
–       Theoretical Basics of of Concrete Forming Machines, Units and Complexes Creating
–       Dynamics and Optimization of Driving Mode Mechanisms
–       The practical Problems of  Psychological and Pedagogical Training

Phone number:            +38 044 248 69 25