The Chair of Information Technologies Design and Applied Mathematics

The chair provides the degree programsfor Bachelors in “Computer Sciences” as well asdegree programs for Specialists and Masters in “Information Technologies Design”. Special educational courses in “Aided Design Systems” and “Information Technologies” are offered for postgraduate and doctoral students

The chair is headed by Professor V. M. Myhailenko.

The chair provides 23 courses for training: 4 of them are in Nature -Science and 19 in Professional and Practical Training

Educational courses for Nature-Science Training

–       Advanced Mathematics
–       Discrete Mathematics
–       Theory of Probability , Probability Process and Mathematic Statistics
–       System Analysis Basics

Educational courses for Professional and Practical Training
–       Numerical Methods in Information
–       Geometric Modeling and Computer Graphics
–       Methodology and Technology of Automatic Design Systems
–       Quality statistics
–       Simulation of systems
–       Information Technologies in Machine Building
–       Econometrics
–       Theory of Algorithms
–       Methods and Tools for Computer Technologies
–       Dialogue Systems and Linguistic Support
–       Information Technologies Design and Calculation of Construction Objects (Architectural Subsystems)
–       Elements of Random Processes Theory
–       CASE-Technologies in Design and Information Systems Development
–       Discrete Analysis
–       Theory of Probability and Mathematic Statistics
–       Numerical Methods and Computer Modeling
–       Algorithmic Models of Complex Systems
–       Computer Design Technologies

Scientific investigations are carried out in Mathematic Modeling of Objects and Processes of Modeling and Optimization of Control Processes for Multidimensional Communal Networks, Development of Information Technologies Design and Control, Tools and Application Software, Computer Graphics and Geometric Modeling, Geo-information Systems and Technologies.

Phone Number:      +38 044 241 55 76