Chair of Chemistry

Chair of chemistry was set up in 1944.
The head of the unit is Professor V.G. Grechanyuk, Ph.D.

Theacademicteaching staff makes nineteen lecturers and instructors including three professors.

The following academic subjects are ensured by the unit staff:

  • general chemistry
  • organic chemistry
  • physical chemistry
  • chemistry of atmosphere
  • physico-chemicalanalysis
  • nanotechnologies 

Theacademicstaffareimplementingscientificactivities and doing research in the following spheres:

  • the issues of development of new efficient materials and technological processes to be applied in construction and engineering;
  • corrosion processes of vapour-phase copper-based composite materials;
  • the development of new silicate and heat insulating materials;
  • the development of new techniques for finishing processing of semiconductor and silicate materials.

A new laboratory has been recently set up for developingresource-saving technologies of toxic industrial wastewater treatmentincluding recycling of valuable substances. The head of the laboratory is prof. Kochetov G. M..

Eight monographs, six textbooks and manuals, over 450 scientific papers have been published by the academic staff of the chair.

Educational and scientific partnership has been launched with the Slovenian State University and University in the city of Gala?i, Romania.

Contact information:
Phones: +38044 2415587/ 2415530