Chair of Geo-information Science and Photogrammetry

Training is provided on the following specialties:
Geo-information systems for territory management
Land management and cadastre

The Chair provides training on the following subjects:

  1. Drawing, engineering and computer graphics
  2. Geodesy
  3. Informatics and programming
  4. Databases and databanks
  5. Radioelectronics
  6. Practical training on geodetic instruments
  7. Photogrammetry and remote sensing
  8. Basis of GIS
  9. Basis of GIS and databases
  10. Spatial data infrastructure
  11. Digital cartography
  12. Digital photogrammetry
  13. Satellite geodesy
  14. Practical training on GIS
  15. Mathematic methods and models
  16. GIS of engineering network
  17. Information technologies
  18.  Organization and production management
  19. Basis of systems engineering
  20. GIS in cadastral systems
  21. Planning and management of GIS projects
  22. Remote sensing of the Earth
  23. Applied GIS
  24. Geo-spatial database
  25. Instrumental GIS
  26. Municipal GIS
  27. Practical training on GIS
  28. Practical training on geodesy

The chair carries out scientific research work