Chair of Physics

Head of the Chair
Klapchenko Vasyl Ivanovych

Head of the Chair: PhD in Engineering, Assistant professor V.I.Klapchenko.

Chair of Physics and electrical engineering was founded in 1938.

Scientific work

Chairprovides training of bachelor’s at the Automation and Information Technologies Department, Construction Department, Construction Technology Department, Sanitary Engineering Department, and Geo-Information Systems for Territory Management Department

Educational Subjects of the Chair:

  • Physics
  • Physics of construction
  • Surface physics
  • Fundamentals of environmental physics
  • Physics and raw materials and supplies analysis

There are 7 laboratories, 1 specialized laboratory and 2 research laboratories available, where classes are given.

Science Activities

  • Binding materials mechanism research, and development and improvement of new and traditional building materials manufacturing process. (PhD in Engineering, associate professor V.I.Klapchenko,Cand.Sc. (Physics and Mathematics),  associate professors H.Y.Krasniansii, V.I.Tarasevych, H.D.Potapenko, I.O. Aznaurian, asisstent lecturer H.V.Kucherova)
  • Development and improvement of porous building materials diagnostic techniques, computerized measurement facilities (PhD in Engineering, associate professor V.I.Klapchenko,Cand.Sc.(Physics and Mathematics), associate professors H.D.Potapenko, V.B.Dolhoshei, S.M.Ponomarenko)
  • Second-order transition theory research (PhD in Engineering, associate professor V.I.Klapchenko);
  • Physics teaching theory and methodology in universities of construction (Cand.Sc. Education, associate professor N.B.Burdeina)

Contact Information

Head of the Chair of Physics

Klapchenko Vasyl Ivanovych        Tel.+38044 248–30–37