Chair of Heat Engineering

Scientific Work

The Chair provides professionally-oriented and specialized training of bachelors of the direction “Construction”, and specialists and masters of field of study “Heat Gas Supply and Ventilation”.

Educational Subjects of the Chair:

For bachelors of the direction “Construction”:

  • Heat-mass Exchange
  • Engineering Thermodynamics
  • Theoretical Basics of Heat Engineering
  • Thermodynamics and Heat Engineering
  • Construction Heat Engineering
  • Construction Thermal Physics
  • Thermodynamic analysis method of HVAC
  • Heat Supply
  • Hot Water Supply
  • Heat Producing Systems

For specialists and masters of field of study “Heat Gas Supply and Ventilation”.

  • Augmentation of heat-mass exchange
  • Energy efficient buildings and structures
  • Low and medium Power Boiler systems
  • Industrial Heat Supply
  • Radiant Cooling and Heating

Science Activities

  • Research of heat-power efficiency enhancement in heat supply of Ukraine.
  • Research in thermodynamic efficiency of hot water supply systems;
  • Engineering of self-contained refrigeration heat pump system of hot water supply utilizing wastewater heat and multi-heat pump arrangement;
    • Research of magnetic water treatment effect on its hydrodynamic, thermo physical and heat-mass exchange properties;
    • Rationale for vapor condensation cycle on basis of magnetic water treatment;
    • Research of дослідження впливу ПАР на теплофізичні тагідравлічні характеристики систем теплопостачання із застосуванням намагніченої води;
    • Research of solid state electric hyper thermal accumulalion-based energy efficient equipment for heat supply systems;
    • Combined solar system engineering for heating and purification of exhaust air in poultry houses on basis of new textile materials with antibacterial properties;
    • Energy efficient heat supply systems engineering with rational use of dynamic and thermal potential of steam.
  • Engineering  of heat and steam generation energy efficiency technologies;
  • Study of  high heat refrigeration system with application of high efficiency micro slot –based heat exchangers;
  • Scientific rationale and green house engineering on the basis of self-contained micro green house; 

Contact information

Head of the Chair: PhD in Engineering, professor Malkin E.S.
Scientific secretary: PhD in Engineering, associate professor Baranovska S.V.
Tel: +38 (044) 249-72-56