Chair of Political Science

The chair was established in 1938, 17 years later it was subdivided into the Communist Party’s history chair and the chair of economics. The modern name was given in 1990.

The chair provides humanitarian training of students of all forms and directions.

Educational Subjects of the Chair:

  • History of Ukraine;
  • History of Ukrainian culture;
  • Political Science;
  • Sociology;
  • History of World Culture;
  • History of Costume and embroidery;
  • History of consumerism.

    The chair has published more than 20 books and manuals. Currently, the chair is the lead organization for theses on a number of specialties. Thereis  postgraduatecourse in specialty 07.00.01 “History of Ukraine”, 23.00.01 “Theory and History of Political Thought”, 23.00.05 “Ethnic Policy and Ethnic Science of State. Since 2012 the chair has been carrying out scientific research in “State building in Ukraine: historical and political aspects.”
    Under the supervision of the teaching staff of the chair students have been awarded with KNUCA prizes and certificates in national competitions of student essays  in sociology, Ukraine’s history and political science.

Contact Information
Tel: +38044-241-5566, +38044-241-5573.