Department of Heat Supply and Ventilation


Department of Heat Supply and Ventilation trains students in field of specialization “Heat and ventilation.” The Chair teaches students of all departments of the university. There is  e-library (Room 194-A), which has over ten thousand items. 

Educational Subjects of the Chair:

  • Introduction to Civil engineering
  • Ventilation Aerodynamics
  • Ventilation
  • Smoke  ventilation
  • Air conditioning
  • Ventilation and air conditioning of industrial buildings and structures
  • Microclimaticsystems fordifferent purpose structures
  • Pneumaticconveyingandaspiration systems
  • Heating
  • Modern heating systems
  • Aspects of industrial heating
  • Gas
  • Industrial and municipal gas supply
  • Autonomous gas supply systems
  • Gas combustion fundamentals
  • Energy conservation and HVAC systems operation
  • Heatpumpsandchillers
  • Use of alternative and renewable heat
  • Constructionorganizationdevelopment “,
  • The technology of construction
  • HVAC  installation and operationfeatures
  • Adjustment and certification of heating and ventilation systems
  • Computer-aideddesign of HVAC systems
  • ComputingintheHVAC calculations
  • Mathematical methods for solving engineering problems
  • Municipalfacilities
  • Hydraulic and aerodynamic engines
  • Metrology and standardization
  • Special issues of plumbing
  • Heat supply and ventilation
  • Plumbing installation
  • Built-up area engineering equipment
  • Organization of buildings and structures eco-safety
  • Specialengineeringproblemsof reconstruction

The Department conducts competitions of course and diploma projects with leading manufacturers of equipment for heat gas supply and ventilation systems: Danfoss (Denmark), HerzArmaturen (Austria), Rehau (Germany) Vents (Ukraine) and others.

Science Activities

  • Development and improvement of engineering systems forming the microclimate in the premises (heating, ventilation and air conditioning);
  •  Development of new and improvement of existing engineering systems and measures to reduce air pollution with ventilation emissions;
  • Energy saving in engineering systems. Improvement and equipment of gas supply systems;
  • Teaching methods improvement. Distance Learning;
  • Scientific publishing activity: professional scientific and technical digest “Ventilation, Lighting and HeatGas Supply” professional scientific journal “New Topic”.

There are 8 scientific student’s circles available. Students perform research in the field of Heat supply and ventilation under the guidance of professors. Members of the group have the opportunity to perform research work in specialized laboratories equippedwith  research stands, use a computer lab with specialized software and receive a copy of the distributions under a free license.
Teaching staff of the chair, post-graduate students and members of student’s scientific  groups participateat the conference at KNUCA, annual scientific conference of young scientists and students of KNUCA, an international scientific conference of young scientists and students of KNUCA “Ecological Environmental Problems and efficient energy” (KNUCA) at international conferences: “Geometric and computer simulation: energy saving, environment and design”, State of Art, Trends of Development and Challenges in Civil Engineering: Scientific Conference Rzesz?w-Lviv-Ko?ice (Poland, Ukraine and Slovakia), moNGeometrija (Serbia) , International Conference of Engineering Graphics and Design ICEGD (Romania) and others, and also take part in the international exhibition “AquaTerm”.
Over the past five years about one hundred scientific papers have been published, including ten patents for invention.

Contact Information
Phone department: +38 (044) 245-48-33, +38 (044) 241-54-11
Head of the Chair – Professor RoskovshenkoYuriiKostiantynovych
Secretary – Associate DovgaliukVolodymyrBorysovych