The chair of Project Management

The head of the chair is Academician of the National Academy of Science, Academician of The Academy of Construction of Ukraine, Honored Scientist of Ukraine, Professor of Sydney University, Member of Board of Directors of World Association of Project Management, Academician of New York Academy of Science, Laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology, Doctor of Science, Professor S. D. Bushuev.

The chair was founded in 1998

The academic staff of the chair consists of 2 Professors, 5 Associate and Assistant Professors, 2 Assistants. The leading experts from prominent project and scientific organizations are invited to take part in educational process.

The chair provides the full higher education and offers the educational courses for Master Degree in “Project Management”. Special educational courses are proposed for postgraduate and doctoral students

Educational Courses:
–       Project Management Methodology, Methods and Tools
–       Theory and Practice of Decision Making
–       Programs, Project Portfolios, and Project Office Management
–       Economic and Mathematical Models and Technique of Scientific Researches
–        Databases and Data Banks
–       Strategic Management in Project Oriented Organizations development
–       Theory and Practice of Business Planning
–       Projects Assessment and Audit
–       Procurement, Contracts and Logistics in Projects
–       Information Technologies of Project Management
–       Psychology, Motivation and Leadership in Project Management
–       Systems of Quality control
–       Project Management in City and Region Development
–       Project Management of Integrated Computer Systems
–       Project Management and Organizations Development
–       Scientific and Technical Foreign Language
–       Administrative Law and Labour Law
–       High School Education Studies

Scientific Activity
Scientific investigations are carried out in the following directions:
–       Company Development on the Basis of Formation of Model of Technological Maturity in Project Management
–       Morphological Aspects of Innovative Project Management of Organizations

–       Implementation of Information Technologies and Enterprise Systems Management into Project Oriented Organization Activity
–       Creating and Developing the Systems of Business Planning
–       Economic and Mathematical Modeling of Business Systems
-Developing of Procurement and Logistic Subsystems in Projects

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