Merchandizing Technique and Commercial Business in Construction

Merchandizing Technique and Commercial Business Chair provides bachelor-level programme in the field of merchandizing technique and trade as well as MA programme and programme for specialists in merchandizing technique and commercial business.

There are fifteen persons of academic staff working with the chair including six professors.

The chair is headed by prof. Petro Volodymyrovytch Zakharchenko, Ph.D.

Here are disciplines for a bachelor’s degree:

  • University elective courses: dry building systems; residual value assessment of buildings and facilities;appraisal of (architectural) landmarks;
  • Student elective courses: pricing; marketing commodity policy;the world market of commodities and services;economics and management of exchange trade.
  • Fundamental courses: sensory evaluation and research work.
  • Practical courses: accounting; settlement of trade; trade logistics;commercial activities; theoretical basics of merchandizing; plant and animal origin commodity merchandizing;merchandising of garments and footwear, household goods, cultural and community purpose goods; merchandisingof packaging materials and containers; merchandizing ofthe wall and finishing materials; merchandizing ofceramic and finishing building products; commodity expert appraisal.

Disciplines under MA programme and a programme for specialists

  • Professional and practical training:  commodity expert appraisal of building products;quality control;commercial logistics; marketing strategy; electronic commerce; marketing communications; increase of competitiveness of buildings and facilities; reliability and durability of building structures; heat and sound insulating materials and products in the energy saving technologies; infrastructure projects; contemporary construction systems.

Professors, associate professors and instructors working with the chair have developed and published over 50 items of teaching aids, as well as student books, manuals and reference books. They are involved in scientific, research and methodological activities.

Petro VolodymyrovytchZakharchenko, head of the chair

Phone: (044) 520-01-31;
Academic staff room (No 362)

Phone: (044) 241-54-49