Chair of reinforced concret and stone structures

The Chair was founded in 1930.The head of the chair is Professor A. Y. Barashykov, D.Sc., member of Construction Academy of Ukraine, Laureate of State Prize in science and technology.

The academic teaching staff is comprised of 17 lecturers including twoprofessorsand eight associate professors. Leading specialists from the Ukrainian design and research institutes are also engaged in educational process.

The Chair provides training of Bachelors and Specialists at all Universitydepartments. Specialists and Masters are trained in the speciality of ‘Civil and Industrial Engineering’, and alsothe programmes for postgraduate students and Doctoral candidates are implemented.

Curriculum disciplines:

  • Fundamentals of  the theory of reliability of buildings and constructions;
  • Evaluation and strengthening of buildings and structures;
  • Reinforced concrete and stone structures;
  • Precaststructural constructions;
  • Test and operation basicsfor buildings and structures;
  • Evaluation, test andstrengthening of buildingstructures;
  • Condition of building  structures diagnostics;
  • Engineering structures
  • Computer-aided design technologies.

The Chair carries out scientific- recearchandmethodicalactivities.The teaching staff and co-workers as well as postgraduates and the most advanced studentsare engaged in desk and field studies.

Commonlyknown computer-aid design systems “LIRA” and “SCAD” are widely used in the teaching process.

Contact telephones:
+38044 2454842, +38044 2415433