Chair of Water Supply and Water Disposal

Chair of Water Supply and Water Disposal provides professional and specialized training of bachelors in areas of “Construction” and “Water Resources”, specialists and masters in the fields:”Water Supply and Water Disposal Facilities and Equipment” and “Water Supply and Water Disposal”.  Head of Chair–Professor A.M. Tuhai, D.Sc.,Corresponding member of National Academy of Education  of Ukraine.

Educational Subjects of the Chair:
1. Introduction to civil engineering
2.Water Supply.Training workshop on water supply networks
3 .Water supply and water disposal
4.Pumping and blower stations
6.Water chemistry and microbiology
7.Hydrology and hydrometry.Hydraulic engineering works.
8. Systems and methods of computer-aided design.
9. Building and facility engineering
10.ВПООАубудівництвііжитловомукомун. господарстві
11 .СТОбудівель. СпеціальніпитанняСТОбудівель
12.Water supply.Water supply training workshop. (Water intakes)
13. Drilling.Drilling equipment and tools.
14. Theoretical fundamentalsof natural water and wastewater treatment.
15. Special issues of water technology chemistry.
16. Plumbing installation.
17. Water supply. Water supply training workshop (treatment)
18.Industrial water supply.
19. Maintenance of water supply and disposal systems.
20.Work stimulation and reconstruction of water supply system.
21.Setup works and technical supervision in water supply system.
22. Special features of water supply in different sectors.

23.Individual watersupply and water disposal.
24. Licensing and patenting of scientific products.
25. International water disposal engineering terminology.
26. Specialengineering issues ofreconstruction of architectural and building systems.
27. Modern engineeringinfrastructure of civil architectural and building systems.
28. Management and marketing.

Scientificand research activities in:

  • Potable water and wastewater physical and chemical analysis.
  • Groundwater intake conditions and structures analysis.
  • Energy saving technologies of water supply.
  • Structural assessment and conditions of construction and operational reliability. 

Contact phone:
Head of the Chair: Professor Anatolii M. Tuhai, D.Sc.,
Tel: +38 (044) 245-48-35