Chair of Occupational Safety and Environment

Head of the chair : Professor Volodymyr V. Trofimovych. Ph. D
The chair was founded in 1971 as “Scientific organization of labor and ergonomics.” In 1988 – the new name of “Health and Environment”. The chair provides scientific and professional-oriented training of students of all departments of the university, trains bachelors and masters in “Ecology, Environmental Protection and Sustainable Nature Management” as well as post-graduate postdoctoral students.

Educational Subjects of the Chair:

Direction ” Ecology, Environmental Protection and Sustainable Nature Management”:
– General Ecology
– Biogeochemistry
– Fundamentals of Ecology
– Techno-ecology
– Vent EmissionsTreatment
– Eco-toxicology
– Reserve Management and Studies
– Environmental Security
– Biology
– Environmental Chemistry
– Human Ecology
– Regulation of Anthropogenic Impact on the Environment
– Biosphere Conservation Engineering
– Environmental Simulation and Forecasting
– Managementof the Environmental Activities
– Ecological Expertise
– Surface Physics
– Biotechnology
-Sustainable  Nature Management
– Physics and Chemistry of Multi-component Systems
– Mathematical Methods in Ecology
– Ecological Engineering
– Processes and Devices
– Information Technologies in Research
-Methodology and Methods of Scientific Research
– Techno-genesis and Human Health
– Environmentalist Workplace Automation
– Risk Management
– Clean Vent Emissions
– Microbiology

Direction “Occupational Health and Safety”:
–  Occupational Health and Safety  in the Industry;
– Safety
-Occupational Health and Safety Basics

Direction “Law”
– Law
– Commercial and Labour Law
– Principles of Constitutional Law
– Business Law
– Labor Law
– Labour Legislation
– Civil and Public Law
– CommercialLaw
– Conflict Management
– Environmental Law
– Intellectual Property
– Administrative and Labor Law
– Insurance
– Legal Regulation of Consumer Right Protection

Science Activities

Scientific activity of the chair is aimed at  solving problems of ecological safety of land and water areas, health and safety in the construction industry, the development of scientific foundations and lectures on subjects for masters and specialists.

I. Flooding and soil pollution in built up areas. Mathematical modeling of filtration with the migration of contaminants in complex hydro-geological conditions.

II. Environmental potable water profile, problems of water treatment technology, process multi-modeling in the system “polymer membrane – water,” including calculation of chemical potentials, application ofoperation-structural analysis of  processes, membrane technology of the filtrate toxic substance disposal.

III. Monitoringof  air pollution in Ukraine. Structured by climatic and meteorological conditions emission simulation.
Photochemical transformations  forplane-spreaded emission.

IV. Philosophical problems of fundamental ecology. Effect of magnetic fields on living matter.

V. Definition ofefficiency indexes foranthropogenic landscape recovery.
Changes in the mineral composition of ecosystems due to human factors.

VI. Scientific rationale to lecture courses for masters and specialists (field of specialization 7.040106, 8.040106 “Ecology, Environmental Protection and Sustainable Nature Management”).: “Organization of the investment process in construction industry” , “Intellectual Property”, “Conflict Management”.

Contact information:
Phones: +38 044 2415491/2415558/2415415.