University Administration

University Officials

The University activity is carried out under the guidance of Rector. University Administration is responsible for the main issues concerned with all university work. The following Academic Councils accomplish their activity at the University: The Scientific Council of University is headed by Rector, The Scientific and Technical Council is headed by Vice-Rector for Scientific Research Activity and International Relation, Scientific and Methodological Council is headed by Vice-Rector for Science and Educational activity, Council for Educational Work is headed by Vice-Rector for Educational Activity, Scientific Councils of the faculties are headed by the Deans of the faculties.


Petro Musiyovych Kulikov
Honored educator of Ukraine, Laureate of the State Prize in Science and technology, Doctor of science (Economics), Professor
Tel: 248- 49 -05

First vice-rector

Denys Olehovych Chernyshov
Ph. D, Associate professor
Tel: 245-42-20

Vice-rector of educational work

Hennadiy Volodymyrovych Lahutin
Honored educator of Ukraine, Doctor of technical science, Professor, Head of the department of management in construction
Tel: 248-30-91

Vice-rector of scientific work and international relations

Vitaliy Oleksiyovych Ploskyy
Doctor of technical science, Professor
Tel: 248-30-31


Vice-rector of educational and educational-methodical work

Anatoliy Mykolayovych Stankevych
The head of the Chair of Strength of Materials Department,
Tel: 243-26-03.


Acting Vice-rector of administrative work

Volodymyr Borysovych Petrunenko
Tel: 248-49-04

Vice-rector of regional development

Roman Borysovych Akselʹrod

Candidate of political science, Honoured worker of service of Ukraine, honoured worker of housing and communal services of Ukraine

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