Chair of Engineering Geodesy

Founded in 1930.

The chair provides training in all fields of specialization under “Geodesy, cartography and land management”. It trains specialists and masters in such specialties as “Geodesy” and “Satellite monitoring of Earth”.

The curriculum courses that are offered:

  1. Geodesy
  2. Mathematical treatment of geodetic measurements
  3. Engineering geodesy
  4. Higher geodesy
  5. Metrology and standardization
  6. GPS technologies
  7. Engineering photogrammetry
  8. Precise engineering and geodetic measurements
  9. Physics of the Earth
  10. Space monitoring
  11. Aerospace surveying systems
  12. Satellite geodynamics
  13. Satellite technologies of geomonitoring
  14. Water areas monitoring and laser scanning
  15. Informational GNSS-resources
  16. GNSS-metrology
  17. Economic-organizing support of space monitoring

The Chair trains specialists in Construction and Architecture. The teaching staff provide training on the following subjects:

  1. Engineering geodesy
  2. Fundamentals of geodesy
  3.  Topography and fundamentals of cartography

1965 – 1980 and since 1994 till now the scientific council on Geodesy, Photogrammetry and Cartography has been functioning at the Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture.

Professor StepanPetrovychVoytenko, D.Sc., is the head of the chair. Both he and prof. R.V. Shults are members of the technical committee on standardization TK309 “Building technologies” under the auspices of the Ministry of regional development, building construction and municipal services in Ukraine.

The teaching and support staff is made up of 23 persons including five professors and eight associate professors. The academic staff of the chairtake active part in the national and international scientific and practical conferences.

Contact information:
Street address: 5, Osvitystr.
Professor Stepan Petrovych Voytenko,the head of the chair
Phone: +38044 249 72 51.