Chair of Land Management and Cadastre

The aim of the Chair is to providetraining of specialists to carry out evaluation of land and real estate, to implement state policy on land relations formation, land resources management, development of land management projects and carrying out of the state land cadastre, design of nature saving activity, monitoring and state control on the effective use and protection of lands.

The Chair provides training on the following specialties:
– Geodesy, cartography and land management
– Land management and cadastre
– Evaluation of land and immovable property
– Cadastre and land monitoring

The curriculum includes training elements divided into 4 main modules: law, economic, technical and legislative.

The main subjects are the following:
– Fundamentals of land management and cadastre<
– Fundamentals of GIS
– Land law
– Investment analysis
– Cadastre
– Formation of the territory infrastructure
– Legislation support of the real estate cadastre
– Monitoring and land protection
– Land resources management
– Land management research and design
– Geoinformational systems in cadastral systems
– Evaluation of land

The Chair takes part in Tempus project, Visby Program project, etc.; in the field of land management and cadastre it cooperates with the leading universities in such countries as Sweden, Finland, Poland, Macedonia, Russia, Lithuania, Armenia etc.

The teaching and support staff make ten persons, including one professor and four associate professors. The head of the chair – professor Olga SergiyivnaPetrakovs’ka, D.Sc., deputy dean of the department.

Contact information:
Street address:> 31, Povitroflotskiy prospect,Office 341.
Head of the chair, Prof. Olga SergiyivnaPetrakovs’ka
Phone: +38044 241 55 40