Post-Graduate Education Institute

According to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine No 71 from 02.02.2005, the Department of upgrade qualifications and retraining was renamed into Post-Graduate Education Instituteat the Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture (PGEI, KNUCA).

Within 15 years of functioning the Institute significantly improved the learning process, expanded the list of specialties anddeveloped basic teaching aids.

Over the years significantly increased the number of applicants for training in Land Management and Cadastre. Currently, there study 120 persons (4 groups) in this field. The Institute is closely cooperating with the gas and heating supply, water supply and sewerage industries that annually send their experts for retraining.

Retraining requires a creative approach to the teaching process, because people who come to study have different basic training, theymay lack expertise. This peculiarity was considered during development of teaching aids and teaching methods. Graduation papers (projects) are related to industries/companies activities.