General information

In 1930, on the basis of the Department of factory and communal construction of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute and architectural faculty of Kyiv Art Institute was created the Construction Institute, which was renamed into Kyiv Civil Engineering Institute in 1939. In august 1993 a new stage began in the history of the Institute – on its base was created the Kyiv State Technical University of Construction and Architecture, which in February 26, 1999 by the Decree of the President of Ukraine, was given the status of National University by naming it Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture.

The University is a leading educational institution in Ukraine in training specialists for construction. Its authority is based on a combination of many traditions and introduction of the latest achievements of the university teachers. Over the years of its existence the University has trained more than 70 thousand engineers and architects including about two thousand specialists for 80 countries of the world. The University ranks first among the construction of higher education institutions in national and international rankings of universities in Ukraine, such as:

  • “The MON rating of Ukraine”
  • “Top-200 Ukraine”
  • “Webometrics”
  • “Scopus”

Long-term experience of research work and the relationship of scientists with scientific centers of Ukraine and other countries contributed to creation in the University 15 academic structural units, including 6 scientific and research institutes, 7 scientific and research labs, testing center of building structures, scientific-educational center of computer mechanics of building constructions and products.

Today the work of the University staff is aimed at formation a new generation of specialists, who having mastered fundamental and specific knowledge, would be capable of independent creative work. Taking into account the objective requirements of our time and changes taking place in the economy and social life of the country, the University implemented a multilevel system of specialists training (bachelor, specialist, master).

University training gives the possibility to join high achievements of professional and human culture not only in classrooms but in the centre of leisure and recreation, expand erudition in the University library, strengthen health in the rest camp, sports club. Training of specialists is carried out in 21 directions and 34 specialties in Kyiv National University of Construction. Educational work is conducted by six major faculties, the preparatory Department for foreign citizens, Institute of postgraduate education. Professional orientation is organized by the Department of pre-university training.

Academic staff of the university is highly qualified. Of more than 800 instructors up to 17 % are doctors of science, professors and up to 55 % – candidates of science, associate professors. Three Members of Associate Members of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, two Associate Members of Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine work in the university. More than 60 instructors of the university are elected full members and corresponding members of the Academy of engineering sciences, construction Academy, Ukrainian Academy of architecture, Academy of sciences of higher school, technology Academy, and others.

Training of highly qualified personnel in the University are made through the postgraduate and doctoral courses.

The educational process at the University is organized and implemented according to the Laws of Ukraine “About education”, “About higher education”, Decree of the President of Ukraine “About urgent measures on ensuring the functioning and development of education in Ukraine”, the acting normative documents. Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture plays the main role in the formation of personnel potential of civil engineers, architects of the state. It is a leading institution of education in the group of construction and art universities in Ukraine, widely known in the world. It has creative ties with the leading universities of USA, UK, Germany, France, Finland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Belgium, Poland, Austria, China, UIS and many other countries in the world.

Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture has long-term traditions of training engineering and scientific personnel. The University has nine specialized councils for awarding academic degrees of candidate and doctor of Science. I Fundamental and applied researches are harmoniously united in the university. The result of it is the creation of efficient building constructions and improvement of their calculation methods; improvement of technologies, organization, economy and management of construction of new and reconstructed buildings; development of resource saving technologies of building materials production; creation and improvement of building machines; improvement of planning, designing, and management in construction and other branches based on computers; environmental protection, etc.

In KNUCA you can study at one of the 21 directions of training:

  • “Architecture”
  • “Art”
  • “Design”
  • “Construction”
  • “Management”
  • “Business Economics”
  • “Accounting and Audit”
  • “Merchandising and Trading Entrepreneurship”
  • “Ecology, Environmental Protection and Balanced Use of Nature”
  • “Heat Power Engineering”
  • “Geodesy, Cartography and Land Management”
  • “Engineering”
  • “Engineering Mechanics”
  • “Pedagogical Education”
  • “Automation and Computer Integrated Technologies”
  • “Computer Science”
  • “Electromechanic”
  • “Computer Engineering”
  • “Applied Mechanics”
  • “Safety Information and Communication Systems”
  • “Tourism”

To get one of the 35 specialties:

  • “Architecture of Buildings and Structures”
  • “Urban Planning”
  • “Design of Architectural Environment”
  • “Design”
  • “Art”
  • “Industrial and Civil Construction”
  • “Urban Construction and Economy”
  • “Highways and aerodromes”
  • “Management of Organizations and Administration”
  • “Business Economics”
  • “Accounting and Audit”
  • “Technology of Building Constructions, Products and Materials”
  • “Commodity and Commercial Activity”
  • “Heat and Ventilation”
  • “Water and Sanitation”
  • “Hydraulic Engineering”
  • “Heat Power Engineering (Power Management)”
  • “Ecology and Environmental Protection”
  • “Geodesy”
  • “Land Management and Cadastre”
  • “Evaluation of Land and Real Estate”
  • “Geoinformation Systems and Technologies”
  • “Space Monitoring of the Earth”
  • “Hoisting, Building, Road, Reclamation Machines and Equipment”
  • “Professional Education. Engineering”
  • “Professional Education. Computer Science”
  • “Automated Control of Technological Processes”
  • “Information Control Systems and Technologies”
  • “Information Technologies of Design”
  • “Security of Information and Communication Systems”
  • “Engineering Logistics Systems”
  • “Computer Systems and Networks”
  • “Electromechanical Systems of Automation and Electric Drive”
  • “Tourism”

KNUCA includes structural subdivisions:

  • Institute of Postgraduate Education KNUCA;
  • Mykolayiv Construction College;
  • Vinnytsya College of Engineering and Architecture;
  • Zhytomyr College of Technology;
  • Kiev Industrial College.