Chair of Municipal Economy

The Chair of Municipal Economy was established in 2003 on the basis of the chair of

City Development. Since December, 2004 the chair is headed by D.Sc.,Prof. Klyushnichenko Y.Y.
The teaching staff includes 16 teachers.

The Chair provides training of bachelors, specialists and masters in municipal economy, specialization of Complex reconstruction and maintenance of urban areas.

The Chair carries out scientific research work.

The Chair provides training in the following subjects:
Municipal economy management, site development maintenance, city development management, basis of management and marketing; urban and territorial planning evaluation of land and real estate; urban networks, information technologies of scientific research; methodology of scientific research; occupational use of PC; reconstruction of site development; reconstruction and maintenance of urban area; landscape ecology; urban landscape gardening; municipal engineering; special engineering reconstruction issues, practical training on site development maintenance, information technologies in municipal engineering; city management.

Contact information:
Phone: +38044 244 96 41
Office 438