Chair of City Development

The Head of the Chair

The Head of the Chair is M.M.Djomin, corresponding member of Academy of Arts of Ukraine, D.Sc. in architecture, professor. The Chair was established in 1948.  The teaching staff of the chair includes 24 teachers.

The chair provides training of bachelors on the construction specialties of the University. It trains masters in City Development specialty; and provides training courses for postgraduates and doctoral candidates.

The subjects provided by the chair are the following:
– planning and development
– city road networks and structures
– city streets networks
– conveying system
– engineering planning organization of territories in complex geotechnical conditions
– preparation and city development
– development of landscape and landscape construction
– city transport
– city conveying systems
– road structures
– city streets and roads

The chair carries out methodological and scientific research work.
The chair is in the central building of the University, offices 325, 327, 334a, 336 and has a computer classroom (office 329).

Contact information:
Phone: +38044 245-4204, +38044 241-5543.