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Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture

Degree in Civil Engineering

(equiv. to Specialist).


Sergii Los

BIM Manager


12.18 – Present ARCHIMATIKA (Ukraine)

BIM Manager 


  • BIM coordination & support for more than over 120 specialists(including architects, landscapers, masterplanners, conceptualists etc)

  • QA/QC – Development of rules for checking the quality of information models. Performing information model checks. Formation of reports on the results of the check

  • Finding and fixing the causes that lead to file breakage

  • Deploying and administration of BIM servers

  • Advisory assistance to company employees in terms of technical aspects working in BIM authoring tools

  • Setting up DWGand IFC translators for interdisciplinary coordination & interaction

  • Developing formulas in properties to automate schedule creation

  • Implementation of new technologies & approaches and optimization of work with software

  • Family Library Management. Creation and adaptation of library elements according to the needs of the team.

  • BIM Collaborate with Norway company UAU Collective 

09.10 – Present Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture 

Lecturer at the Department of Descriptive Geometry and Computer Graphics

  • Teaching students to work with popular design software systems (AutoCAD 2D&3D; Revit; Archicad; Allplan).

2022  PREDIO  (Norway) 

BIM support/consultant

  • Collaboration support. BIM server administration

2022  BIMD (Azerbaijan)

BIM consultant (Landscape Design)

  • Restoration of villages in mountainous areas

2022 SWA (USA)

BIM consultant (Landscape Design)


  • BIM management & strategy

  • BIM360/ACC coordination & supporting

  • Revit supporting & coordination

  • modeling supervision

  • Clash & collision detection

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