About architecture...

Architecture is a type of human activity that is associated with designing, constructing, and creating the surrounding environment in which we live and work. It includes the creation of buildings, structures, cities, and other spaces that meet the needs and desires of people while being functional, aesthetically attractive, and environmentally sustainable. Architecture is important not only from a practical perspective, but also has significant cultural value. Architectural structures and spaces are important elements of our history and culture and can serve as symbols of our national identity and heritage.


Architecture is one of the most important and influential fields of human activity, associated with creating spaces and environments that are functional, aesthetic, and sustainable. It encompasses the design and construction of buildings, cities, and other structures that meet the needs and desires of people. Architecture is a highly interdisciplinary field that draws from areas such as engineering, art, history, and culture. It has a profound impact on the way we live our lives, shaping our built environment and affecting our daily experiences. From iconic landmarks to small, intimate spaces, architecture plays a crucial role in shaping our world.

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