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Wednesday, March 15, 2023

2022, November 23

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10:20-13:40 Opening, Plenary reports
13:40-17:00 Plenary reports

2022, November 24

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10:00-13:00 І Section
13:00-16:15 ІІ Section

2022, November 25

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2022, November 23

Plenary reports


timeSpeakersReport title
10:20Boris BASOKEnergy of Ukraine: state, measures and recovery; modernization and growth
10:40Tetiana PRIKHNA, Gennady KOCHETOVfile pptxERE_22_Kochetov_Prihna.pptx Ferritization processing of industrial wastewater and sludge with utilization of waste in special construction materials
11:00Natalia BRYCHT, Zbigniew RESPONDEK, Małgorzata ULEWICZyoutube Selected aspects of the gravity ventilation work in single-family houses after thermorenovation
11:20Andrzej J. OSIADACZ, Maciej CHACZYKOWSKIfile pptxERE_2022_1_Chaczykowski_Osiadacz.pptxfile pdfERE_2022_1_Chaczykowski_Osiadacz.pdf Analysis of pipeline transportation of a mixture of hydrogen and natural gas
11:40Maciej CHACZYKOWSKI, Andrzej J. OSIADACZfile pptxERE_2022_1_Chaczykowski_Osiadacz.pptxfile pdfERE_2022_1_Chaczykowski_Osiadacz.pdf Determination of the linear unit of the natural gas pipeline system for chemical energy storage
12:00coffee break
12:20Jacek CZERWIŃSKI The use of hydrodynamic cavitation to remove organic and microbiological contaminants in a self-service car wash
12:40Jacek CZERWIŃSKIThe use of waste – PET for the production of an endocrine inactive plasticizer — di (2-ethylhexyl) terephthalate
13:00Tetiana TKACHENKO «Green constructions» – prospective biotechnology for post-war building restoration
13:20Valentyn HLYVAfile pdfERE_2022_1_SHYTA.pdf Modeling the propagation of electromagnetic fields of electrical equipment for the purposes of civil safety and energy saving

Plenary reports


timeSpeakersReport title
13:40Tetiana KRYVOMAZESG Principles for Green Recovery of Ukraine
14:00Valeriy MAKARENKO, Serhiy MAKSYMOVThe influence of concrete destruction and reinforcement degradation on the durability of reinforced concrete structures of sea piers
14:20Olena VOLOSHKINAIntroduction of elements of STEM education into the training process of engineers
14:40Mykola KRUPAfile pptxERE_2022_1_KRUPA.pptx Photoelectric and thermoelectric energy sources. Problems and prospects
15:00Vasyl ARSIRYIncreasing the reliability and economy of heat supply systems due to the improvement of dynamic processes
15:20Larysa SABLIYImprovement of the technology of local wastewater treatment of the meat processing plant
15:40Hennadiy ZHUKProvision of Ukraine’s needs with alternative gas fuel, taking into account the solution of environmental problems and climate change
16:00Volodymyr MYKHAYLENKOyoutube The influence of industrial relations in society on the state of the environment
16:20Iryna SHYTAfile pdfERE_2022_1_SHYTA.pdf Viessman Group: we create living spaces for future generations
16:40Oleksandr PRYIMAKDecarbonization of centralized heating and cooling systems

2022, November 24

І Section


timeSpeakersReport title
10:00Andrii GAVRISH About modern heat exchange surfaces and conventional condensation cycle
10:15Svitlana VELYCHKOyoutubeMethods of combating plastic waste in water bodies, a review of world experience
10:30Vladyslav GRYSHCHENKOTransition of Ukraine to technical regulations on ecodesign
10:45Volodymyr MYKHAILENKOyoutube Preparation of metal oxide anodes that do not contain noble metals
11:00Anatolii MAKAROV, Andrii KHODOS, Mykhailo KYRIIENKO, Mykhailo SENCHUKfile pptxERE_2022_1_Makarov_Senchuk.pptxEnergy-efficient vacuum evaporation units for concentration in the dairy industry
11:15Yevhen KULINKOManagement of physical and geometric parameters of external enclosing structures based on discrete modeling of heat exchange in buildings
11:30Inga URIADNIKOVAfile pptxERE_2022_1_Uriadnikova.pptxThe relevance of identifying and managing man-made risks that arise in water treatment systems in the thermal power industry in order to increase their reliability and operational safety
11:45Oksana LYSENKOEffective management of building heat consumption when using individual heat points
12:00Valentyn SVARKOVSKYfile pptxERE_2022_1_SVARKOVSKY_KHOMUTETSKA.pptx Application of the circulating water supply system at the northern mining and beneficiation plant
12:15Rudolf SCHWARZENBERGER, Pavlo GLAMAZDINfile pptxERE_2022_1_GLAMAZDIN_SCHWARZENBERGER.pptx youtube Directions for the development of water-heating heat pipe and flue gas boilers for centralized heat supply systems
12:30Yana BIRUKThe use of liquid composite materials for shielding electromagnetic fields of industrial frequency, very high and ultrahigh frequencies
12:45Roman KYRYKWater filtration in the municipal sector. Disc filters and inert amorphous aluminosilicate (glass)

2022, November 24

ІI section reports


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Meeting ID: 567 193 3157
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timeSpeakersReport title
13:00Tatyana KUBAMobile water collection and purification complexes to provide people with drinking water in the absence of centralized water supply
13:15Tomasz CHOLEWAOn the influence of forecast control of heating system on energy consumption in buildings
13:30Victor POLISHCHUKyoutubeAnalysis of the influence of factors on the corrosion resistance of the sewage pipeline
13:45Maksym MYKITENKOyoutube Analysis of constituent factors affecting the state of dedusting of aspiration emissions
14:00Andriy VERHOGLYADTime monitoring of the entropy generation function of the ventilation air flow according to the exergetic temperature function indicator during comfortable air conditioning in the cold period of the year
14:15Mykola KORCHMINSKYyoutube Ecological and economic aspects of using air conditioning systems with variable air flow for administrative buildings
14:30Nestan TAVARTKILADZEyoutubeStudy of four options for determining the hydrostatic pressure on a flat surface by the method of three commands K123
14:45Liliya KUZHELfile pptxERE_2022_1_Osiadacz.pptx Study of heat transfer through window glass units with low-emission coating installed in a “smart” passive type house
15:00Yury FURDASyoutube Study of thermal efficiency of trombe wall for a modular house
15:15Sergey APOSTOLAKABalancing of the energy system by consumers with controlled load – experience of implementation in water management organizations of the State Water Agency
15:30Evgen NikitinA holistic approach to energy and energy consumption sectors
15:45Natalia SOROKOVA, Julia KOLCHIKfile pptxERE_2022_2_SOROKOVA.ppt Intensification of drying of wood biomass for the production of fuel pellets
16:00Oleksandr NEDBAYLOPeculiarities of the analytical calculation of heat transfer parameters through a multi-layer enclosing structure in non-stationary mode

2022, November 25

ІІІ Section


9:15-10:00 Registration on the ZOOM channel follow the link
Meeting ID: 567 193 3157
Passcode: 6uSFMQ
timeSpeakersReport title
10:00Darya VAKULENKOStudy of heat exchange processes in thin channels of a regenerative ventilator
10:15Anastasia SNITKOComplex wastewater treatment of galvanic industries using magnetic nanosorbents
10:30Olena PANCHENKOyoutube Study of the causes of metal degradation of hydraulic structures
10:45Pavlo GLAMAZDIN,Nataliya SHVACHKO file pptxERE_2022_3_GLAMAZDIN_SHVACHKO.pptx youtube Optimization of centralized heat supply systems in conditions of reduction of heat load
11:00Kyrylo BARANCHUKProspects for the direction of the development of subscriber inputs
11:15Vyacheslav MOISEYENKOyoutube Analysis of compliance of windows with the latest energy efficiency requirements
11:30Valery FROLOVThe ecological constitution of the earth is the last chance for the survival of mankind
11:45Artem LOMAKOyoutubeWater supply to settlements from surface water sources damaged during martial law
12:00Yury FRANTCHUKyoutube Peculiarities of operation of the gas distribution system of Ukraine during martial law

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